As 2014 begins, I'm heading back out to California for my annual tour with Craig Carothers and Steve Seskin. I'm really excited that we get to play a benefit for the Granada in my hometown of Morgan Hill, CA. The Granada is a great old theater that's being reopened, and I'm glad to help support it. (Check out this article on the re-opening.)

2013 was a busy and exciting year. I was on the road for solo gigs as well as playing dates in Canada and across the US with some great singer-songwriters including Kim Richey, Jack Tempchin, Craig CarothersSally Barris, Craig Bickhardt, Michael Johnson, Lizanne Knott, and, of course, the Waymores (Sally Barris and Tom Kimmel). I worked for some cool companies with Billy Kirsch and Kidbilly Music on team building through songwriting. I taught at NSAI's Songcamp last summer, and I'm looking forward to another Camp this summer.

I’m grateful to Miranda Lambert for her single of “All Kinds of Kinds,” which I co-wrote with the great Phillip Coleman. What a fantastic version of the song! It made real headway on the Billboard charts. Check out her video here.

Hope you all have a prosperous New Year!